ATV Rough mower


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A powerful mower with 16 hp motor, electrical start-up, anti-corrosive construction and a cutting width of 116 cm. Robust construction with protected moving parts, sturdy tyres for good compliance and good mowing results make this an outstanding tool for topping pastures or other mowing tasks where a more powerful mower is required, e.g. round farm buildings, parks etc. The blades are belt-driven and simple to replace or sharpen, straightforward servicing and maintenance with smooth underside for easy rinsing. The mower has a 50 mm ball coupling and the tow bar can be adjusted to suit various towing vehicles. It can be towed either centred behind or displaced laterally. With variable cutting height adjustment, large tank with level meter and excellent compliance, it is suitable for large areas and long periods of work - a workhorse from Kellfri.


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