Circular feeder for horses 180cm diameter

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Circular feeder for those with several horses in a field• For those who want to put a whole bale in the feeder
• Circular with external diameter 180 cm
• Height 50 cm

A circular feeder suitable for those feeding several horses in the same field and want to put a whole bale in the feeder. How many horses gather round this feeding ring depends on the size of the horses and the rank and hierarchy in the herd.

The feeder is circular and suitable for bale sizes up to 140 cm. The feeder consists of three sections which have sealed joints and which are assembled with nuts and bolts along the entire joint.

If you want to move the feeder, all you have to do is turn it on its side and roll it away, or lift it with the pallet forks.

This feeding ring is a KELLFRI BASIC product, which is an economical alternative to our standard range, a slightly simpler product at a lower price.

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